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"I gave up on all things Star Wars after I wasted perfectly good money on The Phantom Menace."

I often have this discussion with my teenage daughter ( I'm mostly pushing her buttons )...

Me: "There's only 3 films in the Star Wars franchise, IV, V and VI."

D: "Dad, there's 9 and the last 3 have been the best. Why won't you watch the last three?"

Me: "Absolute codswallop! There has and will only ever be three SW films. The other supposed 6 films are not true SW films and never will be."

D: "They tell the story after the Empire fell, the real story so we get find out how the Rebellion fared post revolution. The characters are deepers and more meaningful, it's not all gunfights there human interest."

Me: "There! Right there! We don't want girly lovey-dovey stuff in SW, we want incest, vengeful family members with axes to grind, camp robots and we want people shooting and hitting each other with dangerous laser weapons! If I want to watch naff love films I'll watch films written by Richard Curtis and starring Hugh Grant!"

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