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It's cool for Brit snoops to break the law, says secretive spy court. Just hold on while we pull off some legal jujitsu to let MI5 off the hook...

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(among other things, writing “Cecil King, one of our agents”)
It's still not mentioned on his Wikipedia page that he was an MI5 agent. It does mention his coup plot.

King was involved in, and may have instigated, a bizarre 1968 meeting with Louis Mountbatten, among others, in which he proposed that Harold Wilson's government be overthrown and replaced with a temporary administration headed by Mountbatten.

He had no support from them for this, so he decided to override the editorial independence of the Mirror and wrote and instructed to be published a front-page article calling on Wilson to be removed by some sort of extra-parliamentary action.

I got two downvotes 10 days ago for mentioning that was covered by The Crown. I should probably have quoted Spycatcher instead.

So how does a judiciary legislate a government agency that has openly tried to do away with our veneer democracy? Protonmail wrote a blog post criticising MI5 and the next day they were ddosed off the internet for weeks. Oh, an interesting that the night after Boris got elected his first engagement was to attend the birthday party of a billionaire KGB agent.

This is a fun fact from the Wilson government, old London buses were being exported to Cuba against US wishes, and the ship they were on was sunk in the Thames to stop Castro gaining Routemaster technology. You'd only know that though if you read the Christic Institute lawsuits, or if you are a big Alan Moore or Iain Banks fan.

God Save the MI5

God save our gracious Mi5,

Long live our noble MI5,

God save the MI5;

Send Q victorious,

Happy and glorious,

Long to reign over us,

God save the MI5.

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