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'Hemmingway', eh ?

Isn't it time to accept that everything done by a white person is racist, and they need to be pre-emptively condemned beforehand, as a matter of course ?

Just like all deaths, if you positively correlate hard enough, are ultimately due to smoking.


One campaign, originating in the country of Georgia, had 39 Facebook accounts, 344 Pages, 13 Groups, and 22 Instagram accounts, now all shut down. The network was linked to the nation's Panda advertising agency, and was pushing pro-Georgian-government material.

Adding to the noise on the internet, and I agree advertising is a pest, but I'm struggling to find the real harm here.

Couldn't be that Facebook is holding up a minor scapegoat to show it's deadly resolve ?

From Georgia: Georgian authorities appear linked to hundreds of fake Facebook pages



Speaking of deadly resolve... The Georgian opposition has some skeletons...

The survey findings showed that for many people in the post-Soviet circles, the spirit of this bloody tyrant of the 20th century, who shot and exiled over 20 million people, is still alive and highly respected. For example, in Georgia, 45% of respondents expressed a positive attitude towards Stalin.

In Stalin’s native town – Gori, ‘the Great Leader’ is almost equal to God–inviolable and immortal. He has many followers there: people who believe that Joseph Dzhugashvili (Stalin) is the greatest person ever born (or who will ever be born) in Georgia.

Stalin: God, Superstar



I have absolutely no idea why fondness for a noted villain, like Cromwell in the Eastern Counties, or Napoleon in Corsica, or the Krays in London Town should be positively correlated to the fact they were adventitiously born in a particular place.

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