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It's cool for Brit snoops to break the law, says secretive spy court. Just hold on while we pull off some legal jujitsu to let MI5 off the hook...

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Re: Arbitrary law is reappearing

Just as the "Supreme Court" overruled the High Court and declared itself legally superior to Parliament.

The word "supreme" should be a bit of a hint although if you're thinking about the decisions in the cases Gina Miller brought you should check again. Those decisions were in favour of Parliament. The first prevented the PM acting without the authority of Parliament and the second said that the PM was telling porkies (Bojo telling porkies - surely not!) to HMQ to prorogue Parliament. The latter attempt to take Parliament out of the equation is reminiscent of Charles I. Bojo should be grateful the court only struck out the prorogation; things went less well last time.

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