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It's cool for Brit snoops to break the law, says secretive spy court. Just hold on while we pull off some legal jujitsu to let MI5 off the hook...

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Re: Arbitrary law is reappearing

It was Parliament that created the Supreme Court to replace the judicial functions of the House of Lords and gave it the power, among other things, to hold politicians to account when they violated the accepted constitutional settlement.

But on the case in point, it's a legal nightmare. Suppose you are an MI5 agent and are told to infiltrate, say, a drugs gang. You aren't going to get very far if you keep on refusing to have anything to do with illegal drugs. Which is, I suppose, OK up to a point, but what do you do if having earned the trust of the top criminals you then get ordered to kill someone? Refusing might blow your cover and maybe wreck years of work that could have eventually brought the whole gang down and saved thousands of lives. In the end, it's a trolley problem.

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