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I blame budget.

As it is, she is a god-damn Mary Sue, she can do no wrong, she is flipping perfect, with no story to back her up.

I blame Hollywood. Or possibly Abrams. Or possibly all of the above, plus focus groups. And lens flare. But it can't be easy helming a blockbuster franchise or 3, and keeping everyone happy. I've not seen the new film, and no real plans to, but sounds like it suffers the usual style over substance. Skip character development, suspend disbelief and look! Space battles! And roll credits!

But I guess that's been part of the struggle. Original (+/- slot in the series) movies had a simple and classic premise. Simple farm boy seeks adventure, finds it, discovers himself along the way, redeems baddie & roll credits... Which seems a lot like Rey's story, with less backstory and a helping of insta-Jedi midichlorian shakes, and less listening to old boomers. Da yoof generation emerges fully-formed and able to save (or defeat) Empires. The original trilogy wasn't exactly Shakespeare, but the latest batch just seems to borrow heavily from those that came before instead of taking it in a new direction.

And it has ewoks. Fricking ewoks! I guess because they're easy to have made into soft-toys in a sweatshop somewhere. Somehow, I doubt this will be the last jedi.. but that depends on the accountants I guess.

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