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Came to say roughly the same thing, but I think your emphasis on "muh Russians" is out of place in a world that has:

1. The Chinese (an NORKs and ...)

2. The 5 eyes

3. Every kind of financial scammer spread out across all nationalities and cultures.

4. Industrial espionage

5. more - this is not a "one minute of hate will solve it" kind of thing.

I mean, yeah, the Russians too - but they're getting lost in the noise anymore. That fascination with them seems mostly to be used by US and UK governments to distract us from all the other bad actors, including themselves.

And yeah, here come the downvotes from those very people who use that to keep everyone they can in the dark about what really goes on. Or as a substitute for knowledge and observation, or are too lazy to think. You can't cancel the truth, even if you can't handle it.

The sandbox is there for a reason. If devs had personal liability for the harms and costs their bugs create...they'd all quit!

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