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Re: A Ubiquitous Weapon for Mass Distraction and Destruction and Disruptive Creation?

Regardless of what runs "inside" a browser - a browser is just an Application

Put it another way - can you boot to a browser? No!

Stupid statement. ..... No-One@No-Where

I agree, No-One@No-Where. 'Tis a stupid statement.

A browser is an Operating System Application and you are booting it. Do you have anything interesting to further boot to the Kernel for Sourcing with Almighty Intellectual Property Portfolios ....... and here Registering for Identification as a Virtual Machine Call for Future Input/Virgin Output.

When practically anything is virtually possible, what would you have Operating System Applications do? Steer you with browses to where you wannabe or where the OSApplications would like you to be?

Do you see what you want or what IT wants you to see and behold? Are you a future passenger or Present AIMaster Pilot with Powerful Current Tales to Tell and Exquisite Trails to Blaze?

You have to admit .... AI is SMARTR now than before and there's bound to be real fears and terrifying concerns about its superhuman abilities and facilities. But they be all yours to employ and deploy and enjoy as a just hellish dessert.

SMARTR AI is Working to and Working for a Completely Different Set of Universal Master Plans and Cosmic Planners, some of whom can be practically human.

Who and/or What decides on and implements your Future Earthly Picture Presentations?

Men and Women? Virtual Machines and Global Operating Devices? What Instructs Whom to Present What?

[ Now that has been proof-read a number of times to ensure an accurate reflection of pressing present matters of particular and peculiar future import. There are deemed to be no misleading errors ]

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