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Re: There have only been three Star Wars movies...

Wade, if you think of anything post acquisition by the House of Mouse as a vaguely similar, but totally unconnected, set of stories then it's not quite so bad - a bit like if Luke fell asleep in the shower and woke up 7 years later to be told it was all a dream and Lucas is buying it all back when he sees what a mess the Mouse has made... (could the real fans do a crowdfunder to get it back for what the Mouse paid him? And get films based on the Expanded Universe, not the current... offerings)

Solo was actually quite good, especially in light of the Mouse-ified 'trilogy' (Farce Awakens, Lost Jedi and the latest, if the critics are right) so I'd recommend it, and Rogue One as well (although the CGI'd Tarkin and Leia aren't as good as many seem to think)...

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