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I've come to the conclusion - i dont give a fuck. I can learn to accept that Rey is a natural with the force, and can force-skype Kylo or whatever intuitively. It dosent look that hard anyway: "*feel* the force , use your mind , think .. blah blah

But.. but.. a female jedi is empowering. And enriching given she can perpetuate the franchise and create new jedi! Which could be amusing or just messy potty training jedi baby. Toy available now for only $99 from your nearest Disney store. Plus turning Rey into a breeder would no doubt make sections of the Internet explode.

On the plus side, Disney having their own streaming means it'll be a long while till it appears on Netflix or Prime, meaning I won't be tempted by the dark side. Which also means I won't have to <shrug> at Emo Ren, who IMHO just isn't as convincingly dark as good'ol Vader.

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