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Anonymous Coward

Fake torrents too.

Some simply copy your search term and add a .mp3 or .mpg tag at the front.

How did I discover this? Well, my cat did. It walked over the keyboard and several torrent sites responded with that exact string of 20 characters, with

"-live version.mp3"

"-full movie.mpg"

embedded at the end. The odds of having that exact name, 20 or 30 characters long? Only a Shakespeare Monkey can answer that.

Blocking those IPs increased tremendously the odds of finding a clean copy.

A preview feature in my torrent client allows to peek at the chunk you downloaded. If you can't see it, fake it is.

PS. I don't care about Star Wars anymore, they ruined it. That Rey chick is a freaking Mary Sue that dominated the Force when Luke took some 10 years and YODA to train him. I didn't even bother to download this one.

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