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Having played around with a few IoT devices out of curiosity, I have concluded that a lot of it isn’t terribly useful. Some of it is; Internet connections to one’s heating system are useful. Being able to switch some stuff on and off is sometimes useful. Security monitoring is useful in principle.

The thing I noticed though is that a lot of stuff is useless or very limited because it is battery operated. Eg security cameras in burglar alarms are rubbish if powered by 2 AA batteries. Smart radiator valves are very limited by being battery operated (they have to limit their operation, meaning that they’re suboptimal in controlling room temperature. And so on. A lot of these things are far better if they’re mains powered.

And that’s where the standards come in. All this low power IP over weak radio is ok up to the point but really the standard should be Power over Ethernet sockets by every radiator, every corner of every ceiling, every curtain rail, etc, and IP over mains to every light socket, mains socket, etc. That way the devices would be able to work a lot better as devices, and we’d also then not need puny IP radio links.

This is a none starter at present because no one has such extensive wiring in their houses. And they will continue to not have such wiring whilst the tech industry remains a closed domain.

What Apple, Amazon, Google, etc should be doing is talking to the architectural / electrical / house building / government regulators about updating our archaic building standards so that new properties get useful data wiring built in from the beginning, and set out ways for existing properties to be updated without too much difficulty.

That leads to a useful standard. This new effort from the tech industry does not.

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