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I made a useful IoT device, with a Wi-Fi-capable Arduino board and a high precision temperature sensor board from Sparkfun. It's housed in a Stevenson Screen I 3D-printed.

I have a cron job poll it every 5 minutes and stick the info into a sqlite3 database. A Python script using matplotlib makes pretty pictures. I already have an Apache instance running for other things.

However, the basic reason for its existence is to help me decide what to wear on the motorcycle to work. I got tired of squinting at shitty thermometers, and the nearest sites are 15 miles away and only updated once an hour.

I was NOT going to pay $150 for an inaccurate "weather station" piece-of-shit from Acurite or Lacrosse. Those c*nts have captured the market here, and they suck.

So it's "genuinely useful to me" and serves my purpose.

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