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It's the most (energy) wasteful time of the year

The only smart devices I care about -- don't own yet, but researching -- is automation for my Christmas lights.

I've extensively looked at Light-O-Rama, but their proprietary wireless option is rather expensive on top of the core components. To avoid that, I'd either have one ugly and difficult Ethernet run (carrying RS485-like proprietary signals) or leave that area of the yard -- rather distant from the main bunch -- on it's current "dumb" timer.

Recently I've looked at HolidayCoro's offerings. The idea of using open-source software (xLights), having the controllers use DMX-over-IP via Wi-Fi (if it won't reach I could use an extender, and DMX has definitely become a lighting industry standard), and the lower cost all make it a desirable option over LOR (I'd even donate some savings to the xLights team).

Does anyone know of any other solutions?

Specs: I run a max of 25A on 120Vac and require a minimum of 20 channels (16 + 4) with stretch goal of 32 (24 + 8). Maximum channel current would be under 3A. Using mostly plain-Jane incandescent "minis" (x50 or x300) or C9 (x50) strings, with some LED 7W floodlights.

(And no, I'm not geek enough to design my own controllers. Solder one up from a kit, maybe. Buy a spool and hand-wire the copious extension cords I would need to pull this off, certainly.)

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