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It’s HCLs problem ? Last I checked, the planes have ‘Boeing 737’ written upon them, not ‘HCL 737’ . You need to do better than blame-some-brown-guys here .

Boeing makes the aircraft . They are responsible for ensuring the fidelity and functionality of every last piece of hardware and software, regardless of whom they subcontract to . Unless the subcontractor willfully concealed or misrepresented things to Boeing - which NO ONE is claiming here - this is entirely on Boeing , and for good reason .

The only thing the Bloomberg article makes clear is Boeing’s incompetence . Hand out mission critical software to lowest cost bidder ? Check . Piss poor product management including not accounting for lack of domain knowledge ? Check . No in house QA at the very least ? Check .

There’s a good reason why the throw HCL under the bus tactic hasn’t fooled anyone yet . The optics and facts are against Boeing . There’s no way they can pin 300 lives on anyone else especially when there’s absolutely no malicious wrongdoing on the suppliers part. Just Boeing’s.

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