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No it wasn't, but the bean counters would have pointed out that:

* redesigning a taller undercarriage to accommodate the new, bigger engines in their proper place would be awfully expensive as well as adding weight, which reduces payload capacity.

* the bigger undercarriage would have almost certainly occupied valuable cargo or fuel tank space, causing even more expensive redesigning

Both of which might impact sales.

Finally, a company test pilot may well have pointed out that a taller undercarriage alters the pilot's visual picture during both takeoff and landing and that this would certainly impact crew training costs and, for airlines with older 737s, reduce aircrew assignment flexibility.

Result: beancounters and board insist on using old, short undercarriage and on fitting that mis-designed, but cheap, MCAS. As a result their decisions produced a dangerously unstable aircraft.

Bottom line: in an engineering company the board-level management MUST think like engineers or something nasty is quite likely to happen. This is why such companies often fail once the board is entirely made of venture capitalists, money men and sales persons.

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