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Deadly 737 Max jets no longer a Boeing concern – for now: Production suspended after biz runs out of parking space



That is the story here. This sh-- show is in my back yard, hi, American, and complacency is what brought those planes down. Or more technically, regulatory capture. We let the regulators get chummy with the rest of the industry, money changed hands, stupidity ensued. Nobody in this dumpster fire is going to do anything about it, but that's the truth. The FAA now gets to have its dick stomped by, er, basically it's equivalent in almost every country. Like, uh, I'm sure there's countries so small there are no paved runways that can drop pants on them with good reason.

They have no credibility now. The trade implications are substantial: We had standards. We've learned this lesson before; If you let any other influence than a culture of safety and rigorous application of engineering dictate policy, you're gonna get f***ed. And so another American institution bends over and bites the pillow because of an increasingly corrupted political process.

This is, really, quite maddening. I've spent the last three years watching my entire government de-evolve before my very eyes. I'm truly at a loss of words; Apologies my country has now thrown several crowded airplanes into the dirt with the only explanation being a "technical fault". Let this be a light house on the subject of safety of the flying public: Keep your regulators and your corporations separate or there WILL be consequences.

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