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Why We Love Big the Apple ....

Apple like to emphasise the open source origins of MacOS when it suits them. The right thing for them to do would be similar to what they did to support CUPS, and hire the FUSE for MacOS developer.

Apple can pretend the that whole world exists in a closed Mac/iOS enrironment as much as they like, but the reality is that it is very desirable, if not essential, for all of us to be able to read and write other filesystems, and so Apple should really support this as core OS functionality. .... Dave559

I'm seconding that brace of notions, Dave559. And was a Win Win ever so sweetly served and deserved?

Can you imagine the flack Apple would then have to simply dismiss as not unreasonable but misguided and unsustainable, the premise Apple Virtual Machine Networks are globally too big and far too powerful to ...... well, easily command and control is a surely something of a vain wish when all is considered with all of these new happenings that are going on.

So Much to Plan to Do has One Consistently Constantly Busy and that is both Exhilarating and Empowering and Wonderfully Exhausting Too. And if the Truth be More Fully Told, IT is Enlivening.

And that makes it Awesomely Valuable. ...... ie Absolutely Priceless. Any piece of that pie is worth every red cent sent and spent. The ROI is colossal, and easily way beyond the imagination and dreams, and that is but one of its many great attractions. New Riches to Uncover that Sell Forever and Server with Passion and Grace, is another one. :-)

I Kid U Not.

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