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Ecosystem as punji trap

It's yet another example of a supplier's 'ecosystem' of cloudy software being used as a punji trap. The big providers like MS are primarily interested in making you dependent upon their services: once your business and your data has been taken hostage, you're basically screwed, lying at the bottom of the pit, bleeding. You will be squeezed until the pips squeak. It's a similar model to outsourcing; once the client becomes sufficiently dependent—even on a very poor service—with the outsourcer's tentacles entwined in the client, the latter becomes a life support unit for the outsourcer, gradually drained because they have become helpless.

In this respect cloud has been an absolute boon to the big providers, because it vastly magnifies the ways in which they can make their clients dependent upon them.

That said, the spectacular stupidity, short-termism and greed of typical executives, especially beancounters, has played entirely into the hands of predators like MS. Even before cloud a majority fo the world's businesses were happy to pay for an operating system inferior in almost every respect to freely available alternatives. Marketing, like politics, is the triumph of lies and imbecility over facts and rationality.

Teams has a conspicuously nasty UI (I have to use it with one of my clients, who seems entirely unaware of how much it distracts his consultants from doing real work), performs worse than Skype and positively encourages ill-considered communication and decision-making—its ability to obscure the important and highlight the trifling is a kind of dark brilliance—and adds yet more manure-for-the-eyeballs to corporate collaboration, and admins absolutely should discourage its use. Beyond some video- and screen-sharing features, well-trained, competent, capable staff simply do not need its raft of clumsily integrated baubles: and if they're not well-trained and competent you have big problems alteady ... which Teams will make worse.

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