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Re: Everything will be downloaded from the network.

Cool. Just did that.

You might expect that you buy an Xbox with bundled games and you can just turn the thing on and play...

No chance.

First, download 3.8G of system update at ~ 4Mbs. Care to calculate how long that takes?

Then configure a load of pointless profile crap, enter the download code and.... yay! Download 70+Gb at ... at ... wait for it ... and you will ... hang on... hmmm... well, let's see, ... about 4Mbs.

Not even anything to play, however pointless, until this is all done. No demo game. No pre-loaded free trial of something vaguely entertaining that showcases the hardware. Just a 36+ hour wait with nothing but a veeeeeeeeery slow progress bar. And *now* imagine that you are about 12, and it's your birthday.

Where's the initial hit of excitement as you plug the thing in and get wowed by the graphics & sound?

A complete and inexcusably piss-poor unboxing experience. You should be hooked straight off and have a good chance of ending up with a lifelong (even if possibly not entirely justified) bias towards Xbox as a gaming platform.

Product design? Total f**king incompetence, IMO.

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