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I think we have a fork in the road on the logic of our political representatives having the enumberated power to alter the definition of free enterprise, a morally acceptable transaction between a willing buyer and a willing seller.

For ages the criteria for limiting a person's business is knowledge. The bleeding edge of knowledge 50 years ago is often obsolete knowledge today. I worked on the Moon Walk project. What we did then pushed the envelop of what was possible, today many of those same tasks are done as experiments in grade school.

The nature of the complaint is what is an engineer. Anyone who designs and builds stuff is an engineer. A beaver is an engineer.

It appears the guise of the Institute of Justice is limit freedom of education with board certification. As with most, if not all such certifications following the money will provide an understanding of the motivation.

Consider if the supply of something desired is limited, the value goes up. Certifying is a limiting process sold as “for your own good”.

Every person has a common experience, they learn from their efforts that did not work as expected. Engineering is about learning from efforts that didn't work the first times. Some people aren’t good at learning from their failed efforts. Are we expected to limit knowledge because someone with no knowledge of the effort at hand says the process cannot go forward without certification? Says who in the land with the common belief “that all men are created equal”?

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