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Nobody will be honest about costs, that's why

Should just one consultant honestly warn of the cost of implementing an ERP, maybe companies would take their risk more seriously. Maybe they would plan better. Maybe they would select their software and their consultants with a better eye on the danger ahead. Maybe they would train for what they'll encounter and form strategy and tactics for countering the enemy when it attacks. (It will.)

But consultants paint the brightest, most optimistic, most unrealistic picture of something that has never happened in the history of ERP implementation and they lull their marks into buying software and services that will end up costing three to four times (if things go well) of what the mark believes it should cost.

Maybe if this happened there would be 0.125 the number of ERP projects, too. (That's about the number of projects that might actually succeed if given the truth up front.)

If you believe in unicorns, if you see heart-shaped clouds and see honey dripping from sun's rays, then, by all means, jump into your next ERP implementation and trust everything the consultant says.

If you're in recovery, value truth, realize that we live in a corrupt world with questionable marketing and sales practices, then go into every ERP decision as if you were dealing with Mephistopheles hisself. Cuz you just might be.

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