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" the point of ERP is so you draw from best practices"

Except that there are hundreds of different industry types, and even within those types, what many firms do can be subtly different. Buying off-the-shelf ERP components and then customising them can work if your business isn't that different, but if customisation level required is high, leads to disaster. If your business is more particular, better develop your own software in-house (of course that leads to other problems)

I agree with whoever posted above that the best is a modular system. Even in the biggest ERPs like SAP, Oracle etc, there are modules for finance, accounting, supply chain, manufacturing, etc etc that talk to each other. No reason each of these cannot come from different suppliers, or be built in-house. Building custom interfaces, while a pain, is a lot easier than building a whole custom component or heavily customising a whole module.

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