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Could ERP possibly still be like the early days?

It boggles the mind!

I used to subscribe to a US IT trade rag called Digital Review. In the early 00s, I, along with many other fellow IT veterans at a large firm in Canada, always enthusiastically supported change. It meant newer, bigger, faster - more fun to be had. So it had been from the Honeywell mainframe and VAX days onward. We were not accustomed to failure. We rolled our own.

Then came ERP along with the concept of the out-sourcing of some of its key elements. Where it made "sense", of course.

A few years in, the people who made the promises were in denial, and the old wise ones were thinking "I told you so." We had missed dates (years, really), skyrocketing costs, unexpected challenges, and shifting scopes, to name but some of the horrors.

Around that time, a new DR issue landed on my desk. I flipped pages to get to the cover story on ERP project success rates, and there it was. One image that pretty well summed up my thoughts about our ERP.

It was a full-page picture of a pig wearing lipstick. I forget the article title, but it had the word ERP written above the pig's head in big bold-face letters. I quickly tore out the page, and before I could stop myself, I had pinned it up on the wall in my cubicle. The most amazing thing was that no-one ever told me to take it down.

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