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When is an electrical engineer not an engineer? When Arizona's state regulators decide to play word games

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When was the last time you had it done for less?

Not too many weeks back. Was so trivial it wasn't worth charging extra for. Run some power, add a regulator and a few other bits, extending the length of the board slightly (ok, the actual circuit itself was a cut'n'paste from a previous job with a little bit of changing to make the final design aesthetically pleasing to me). Litterally ring ring "Hello?" "Hi, so-and-so here, just wondering if you could add a 5v output to the unit?" "Would a USB socket do?" "Yes, that'd be great! How much extra?" "For you, no charge.".

In a case like this I'd've suggested exactly that, chuck a buck charger on there (never really sure if they call them "buck" because of function or cost!) and be done with it.

I've also built a number of projects where I've tossed in a cheap USB charger socket for voltage regulation. They're so cheap and readily available. And the circuitry is so simple, hence why I also cannot see the $800 as anything less than theft.

The guy deserves all he gets for ripping off his clients, and clearly does not have a shred of integrity.

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