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Have you ever mistakenly eaten one, when you thought it was the other? Didn't think so.

I have.

The situation was deliberately misleading, the person trying to prove how vegan garbage is better than proper food, selling products that normally would contain meat but made out of a plant substitute without using proper labelling.

And being someone who has food allergies (thankfully mild), there's a risk I'll have a severe reaction and wind up in hospital (you'll notice the vast majority of food allergies relate to plant-based products BTW).

People put lives at risk by mislabelling food. Those with food allergies need to be able to trust what they're eating contains nothing other than what is on the label.

In the last few months one of the larger burger chains found itself in legal hot water by doing the same, and with very good reason.

I've also had to warn some vegan twat that since he's been told I have an allergy, if he tries to sneak that stuff into my food claiming he doesn't believe I have the allergy, I'll make a complaint to the police - knowingly giving someone something they're allergic to is tantamount to attempted murder.

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