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ERPs can be quite good... Can be...

I used to sell ERP solutions as a VAR. We sold the one from that company the Moderatrix would ban if you included a dollar sign in the name and another one that was invested in by Larry Ellison back when he was screaming that cloud was just water vapor while hedging his bets with a SaaS solution that eventually got borged into the mothership. In most cases, the problems come down to:


Poorly defined process replicated into new system to continue poorly defined results.

I want the full blown best case scenario scope at the skeleton install price from that developer guy out of Chennai that responded to our RFP! (Okay! Let's just sign this document for time and materials... what's that you say? Over budget? Never heard of it, btw, here's this week's invoice)


I gotz the certification yesterday. I can haz architect title?

What is this documentation you speak of? I'm too busy implementing our own special version of customized Ragu(tm) and Bolognese(tm) code for you.

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