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The regulation used to limit these words to certain products of the dairy industry is a transparent case of big-business using law to protect their market from new comers.

We recently had a case here where some burger joint couldn't class their stuff as vegan/vegetarian as they used the same (vegetable based) cooking oil for both nutjobgunk[1] and for proper food, and maybe (after washing) some of the utensils.

If the nutjobs want it their way, then the rest of us can play that game as well. If they want to limit who can use their terms, we'll play that game. There's much more of us, plus we're much much fitter and healthier!

[1]All the vegans/vegetarians I've had the misfortune of knowing are unhealthy physically and extremely unhealthy mentally. They die relatively young from diseases that would've been prevented with a proper diet, or even at least using some basic supplements. During their dying they consume massive amounts of healthcare $$$ - $ they mostly don't contribute to because too few of them actually ever work due to some shit about not being part of corporate conspiracies or wotnot.

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