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I took the same course. It didn’t take long to learn which way to hold it.

More seriously, it’s shocking how quite a few people cannot be bothered to learn even simplest technical tasks. Even if you manage to get them to try, they’ll give up almost instantly. It’s like there was some part of their brain missing.

I would not go and blame all of those people and simply mark them as lazy or inept, but I think it’s the current state of affairs in society and business which is to blame. If one cannot build up technical skills and a right mindset from yearly age, it gets hard to start later in one’s life.

Like when something gets broken, it doesn’t often make sense (too expensive, impossible to get spare parts, etc) to fixit. You just go and replace it with next piece of unrepairable crap. There you are, you get an impression that fixing is not worth it. Even if it is, like cars and stuff, manufacturers intentionally make it impossible to do it without speciality tools, or even illegal (John Deere...). Don’t try it at home, that’s the message.

I could continue with overly protective regulations (don’t get me wrong, some regulations are imperative to have in place!), the way children are allowed to play (That’s dangerous, get out of there!), fear mongering by commercials (Where is my Antee-Bactee Mouth Sanitizer[tm] spray?) learning in school (No more substances that go bang, not even puff) and the places (Apartment building, renting? Don’t touch anything there.) people live in. I’ve run of stream, though, and need to ask my engineer to build the pressure up before I can steam on again.

Meanwhile, go and fix things, build gadgets, mess up big time while doing it, and then try again. I know there are many skillful people out there who have not given up!

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