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>BTW, don't the US also call a Train Driver an Engineer? I assume there is an exemption for this.

If you've even got up close and personal with a steam locomotive you'd realize that these things aren't vehicles in a conventional sense -- you're perched on this contraption that has very peculiar ideas about what makes it go and what makes it stop, a thing that has countless bearings and fiddly bits that need constant attention and has innumerable ways to crash, fail catastrophically or even explode. They also have individual characteristics, no two are exactly alike. You really need to understand how they work to operate them so I'll give the 'railroad engineer' a pass on this one. (Its worth noting that people who drive modern light rail or commuter trains tend to be called 'operators'.)

BTW -- I think 'the romance of steam' is vastly overrated. And that takes into account that most US steam locomotives were oil fired so you were at least relieved of the chore of shovelling tons of coal into the firebox while its rattling along. (Firing a locomotive is also an art form, there's a lot more to it than just shovelling coal.)

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