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I looked at the BCS back in the '90s and rejected it on the grounds that they accepted microsoft certificaiton at a time when online braindumps had all the questions and answers and because of my person experience with the competence of paper MCSEs.

If you are going to form a guild then you need to limit membership to only the best, if you let in the monkeys then your aim is not to improve the quality/competence of the practitioners in your field but to tax those that work in it.

Sadly there are no qualification in the UK that actually seperate the competent from the monkeys and to be frank that is no accident. You don't want the plebs realising that they are the ones that actually make all the money and worse having to pay them what they are worth cuts into the profits for the board. Much better for everyone to believe that someone who never worked in the field with a couple of weeks training is equivilent to someone who can design and build a complete system (hardware and software) from scratch. That way anyone cheeky enough to want a fair share of the profits for their work has to beg like Oliver Twist

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