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move along, business as usual

There are so many projects aimed at "increasing productivity" or "reduce costs" that fell short.

In one global DC I worked for, we had a very tuned HP VPO monitoring tool. Years of tuning the thresholds for this and that system lead it to be almost perfect. Only a TRUE incident would spit a warning/error. The whole teams were articulated around those in terms of procedures, habits etc ...

Then, some smart ass (promoted ever since to the rank of CIO) came with a 1+ million USD project to "do it better" to "increase productivity" of the support teams.

Consultants came, knowing nothing of the tuning, did reset everything to default, came up with some nice docs, totally off rail vs. the business and promptly fucked off once money had run out.

They basically has destroyed our tool, which so far, was permanently spitting nonsense, hundreds of times per day, killing off any productivity: false positive on-call calls, issues not noticed etc ...

Adding insult to injury, we were all ordered to fill up forms to testify we were more productive !

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