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This article has hit a raw nerve in my case. I am an Engineer. I spent six years at University gaining a BSc in Mechanical Engineering and an MSc in Diesel Engine Technology. I was (and still am) a Graduate Member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers. I then started a PhD for a large Nuclear Engineering firm, but it all ended acrimoniously when they withdrew from the project and left me jobless. I then went to work as a Junior Development Engineer with a large Electrical Manufacturing company in the Midlands, working my way up to Senior Development Engineer, Design Authority Engineer, and then moving over into Technical Publications, ending up as Principal Engineer, Technical Publications. It makes my blood boil whenever I see or hear companies such as British Gas, etc. stating that they have "6000 Engineers waiting to service your gas boiler". No they B****y Don't. They may well have 6000 trained gas fitters or plumbers at the ready, but I am willing to bet that not one of them has any sort of Engineering Degree, other than maybe an HNC, HND, or NVQ, but those qualifications do not, and never will, enable the holder to call themselves an "Engineer". I have campaigned long and hard to get the IMechEng to take this up and have some form of regulation introduced legally, but their attitude seems to be that, as the term is now in popular usage for anyone who might get their hands dirty, there is no possibility of getting that particular cat back in the bag. My contention is that, a Butcher gets blood on his hands whilst cutting flesh, would you call him a Surgeon? The difference there is clear and highly regulated, so why is it not the same for the term "Engineer". In Germany, where I spent several weeks for my employers, it is illegal to use the term "Engineer" unless one holds at least a Diploma, but over here, it seems that anything goes. <\rant>

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