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Turns out it's cheap and quick to simply award yourself a title, but expensive and time consuming to do the work necessary to deserve it. Who knew?

Since a young child I've been drawn to all sorts of technical stuff. I can fix a huge range of engines (electrical and mechanical), I can diagnose, repair, and design relatively simple electrical and electronic circuits (and have done for money with one of my projects in use with a government organisation here in NZ), and have done an above-average amount of programming (including for said GO project).

I wouldn't dare call myself an 'engineer' though. I never got round to putting in the real work to deserve the title, even though my technical skills get high-praise from some very well qualified folk. The title implies real intelligence and skill, not what so many people spew out today.

Some of the posters here seem to believe they deserve the right to call themselves an engineer because they once saw the source code of a 'hello world' program in BASIC.

The weakening and ruining of language marches ever onwards.

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