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When is an electrical engineer not an engineer? When Arizona's state regulators decide to play word games


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"So you can be "SonOfRojBlake, Chemical Engineer, CEng MIChemE". Doesn't mean someone else can't be "JoeBloggs, Chemical Engineer"."

Indeed. That was my point - the term "engineer" has been devalued in our culture, in a way that, for instance, "doctor" has not. See Ben Goldacre's joke about "Gillian McKeith, or to give her her full, medical title - Gillian McKeith". Society takes a dim view of charlatans trying to pass off mail-away PhDs from non-accredited institutions as being in some way equivalent to proper doctorates, or Bod forbid actual medical qualifications. Call yourself a "dietician" in the UK without the proper quals and you can expect a swift collar-feel from the authorities (which is why the aforementioned GK and other charlatans bandy about the meaningless and unprotected "nutritionist").

But any yahoo with a spanner can call themselves an "engineer".

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