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Don't forget those locks

In some US states, you have to hold a locksmithing license to do any work on locks. To get the license, you have to pass educational requirements, get a background check and get finger printed. All of that is if you want to make legal money doing it. If all you want to do is break into buildings and take stuff, no license is required. I'm not completely certain that criminals haven't been charged with not having a locksmithing license if they picked locks to get into a property, but given the US legal system, I'm sure it might have happened. A person was convicted of murder in Florida. They got him bang to rights and he's going to spend a long stretch in prison. That is, he will spend a long time in prison after the next trial and sentencing on the matter of the murder being a "hate" crime. A murder conviction just wasn't enough.

I agree with everybody else that certain engineering professions should require certification and licensing beyond a degree. Anything to do with bridges, dams and structural aspects of buildings where public safety is involved should be done by engineers that have met well defined standards and continuously update their education and understanding to stay current. The person nailing tiles on the roof of a house doesn't need a certification. An EE designing a mister pump for an umbrella isn't in the same arena. Even an engineer designing the avionics and control systems for a rocket doesn't need a PE designation since rockets are classed as a very hazardous thing and "the public" should be no where near them when they are being launched. It could arguably be different for somebody working on aircraft or at least the person responsible for reviewing the work of other engineers for safety and compliance.

This Arizona created oligarchy is something dangerous and should be abolished. Robert Heinlein points out the danger of these sorts of boards in "Magic, inc". You just have to get past the devil (or a demon) being the head of said board.

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