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"It is only after graduation that the real education begins."

Too true. I was avionics lead at a small aerospace company and the interns could be counted on to repeatedly grab the wrong end of the soldering iron. I was working with one when they dropped a screw. When I told them it was a Pan Head Phillips #4-40 stainless, 1/4" long (yes, in the US) and the stock was on my workbench in the E-lab, they looked at me like I was speaking Russian (which I do just to annoy but wasn't at the time). This person was going into their 3rd year pursuing an aeronautical engineering degree and didn't know what standard screw sizes were. I found later they also didn't know common metal alloys and forms. Sheet metal gauges (not decimal conversion, just what "gauge" meant). I turned to just giving them little projects to do that would never go on or near any spacecraft we were working on. The one thing they could do was run circles around me in Matlab. Too bad putting a bit in a drill press was a mystery.

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