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hmmm... Martian beer [I like it already]

1. Aries Ale [Aries being the Greek version of Mars]

2. God of War

3. Red Planet Ale (there's a local brew in San Diego called 'Red Trolley Ale')

4. Green Martian Malt Liquor

5. Cydonia Stout

6. Martian Viking (named for the some of the first space-bots to go there)

7. Bradbury Brew (named after the author of 'Martian Chronicles')

8. Space Beer (ok could be brewed in orbit or anywhere off earth)

(alternate: 'Beer from Spaaaaace')

9. Rocket Fuel

10. Alien (any kind of brew, this one-word title just works)

11. Space Buzz (a vague reference to the 2nd man on the moon, and what beer does for ya)

12. Kasei Beer (japanese name for Mars is 'Kasei')

running out of ideas, now...

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