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Well I "design", "build" and "use" software that can be a logic/functional "engine", could control or run a "machine", and build and manipulate data "structures" all of which is done with "technology". In addition I believe I am "working artfully to bring something about" when designing and creating software to fulfill a specific need.

I don't call myself a Software Engineer, especially as my role encompasses more than this, but cannot see an issue if someone chooses to do so, hanging onto antiquated definitions rooted in the purely physical realm from a time when "digital" did not exist are ridiculous in this day and age.

As others have mentioned, where there are safety or other concerns for specific roles/pieces of work then of course I agree certification should be required but there should be certification for the specific role or application of skills, not a blanket requirement for anyone using a term which in modern times is accepted in various fields of work.

Also, I guess some definitions are more progressive than others:


[ en-juh-neer-ing ]



the art or science of making practical application of the knowledge of pure sciences, as physics or chemistry, as in the construction of engines, bridges, buildings, mines, ships, and chemical plants.

the action, work, or profession of an engineer.

Digital Technology. the art or process of designing and programming computer systems: computer engineering; software engineering.

skillful or artful contrivance; maneuvering.

BTW, don't the US also call a Train Driver an Engineer? I assume there is an exemption for this.

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