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From the article:

Mills, who has over 30 years of electrical engineering experience at companies like Rayovac, Unitech, Spectrum Astro, and General Dynamics

I am also a chartered engineer but I do not have a degree - however I do have almost 50 years doing electronics (and software and FPGA design) for money at every level from junior mechanic to design authority; I even have my name on a high speed signalling standard. I have had a lot of opportunities in my career and I have taken them.

Not all paths to being an engineer are via university - the late great Jim Williams did not have a degree - are you going to claim he was not an engineer?

Rather like him, I had what I call a 'self directed apprenticeship'; I have designed a lot of interesting things over the years, including flight safety critical equipment (as part of a team which is normal for such stuff) which is subject to a lot of scrutiny, testing and verification (Boeing notwithstanding).

It was not (and is not) necessary to be chartered to work on such things; what is required is to prove you have the necessary skills and knowledge (which is not true of a freshly minted graduate).

It is only after graduation that the real education begins.

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