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"US have made the mistake to piss-off too many large countries simultaneously."

Let's start with the bleeding obvious - one of the main reasons of the US's post-war dominance wasn't just it's economy but that it truly was "the land of the free". The economy was simply a consequence of that. Everyone in the world knew you could trade with US and not get stiffed (too much) by the locals. And when one thinks about the level of corruption in US, the incestous relationships between business and government etc... it was already terrible then and worse now, but STILL better than most places in Africa, Latin America, Asia, Middle East and Eastern Europe.

Other countries are running from US because nobody likes a bully. But they run to China because of money and greed. They would do well to keep in mind that China's "generosity", like the US's before it, only exists to advance it's own interest. Same with Russia, same with every other ex-superpower or superpower-wannabe. And also to keep in mind that a country that has no problem in sending millions of their own citizens to concentration camps to eradicate any vestige of non-conformance to the centrally imposed norms isn't going to bat an eyelid to stab a trading partner in the back if it suits them.

If you sup with the devil you'd better eat with a long spoon. And be ready to get out when/while you can.

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