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When is an electrical engineer not an engineer? When Arizona's state regulators decide to play word games


Good job Arizona!

You'd figure Arizona, a very conservative and pro-business state, the home of Barry Goldwater and John McCain, would be the last in the Southwest to do something like this. It sounds like garbage from the People's Republic to the west.

I wonder how many Electrical Engineers who are working as contractors or direct reports at Intel, Micron, the Air Force or Fort Huachuca/US Army Intelligence and Security Command should be very afraid that some tin-pot bureaucrat with all the power of a petty czar might just decide to scour linkedin and come after them too for the high crime of misuse of a non-regulated title.

It just blows my mind, its something that New Mexico would likely do, and something Nevada would do if there was a means of laundering money in it, but then again, we kind of value having two national labs, two directorates of the Air Force Research Lab and an Intel fab, pissing off engineers isn't exactly conducive to being a competitive place for that.

I'll tell you what, what the Navajo ought to do is let Arizona know they're full of shit and that this gentleman is welcome to continue being an electrical engineer for hire from their territory, and if New Mexico's State Government or one of the Pueblo Governments was smart, we'd do the same.

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