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Hard and crunchy on the outside,

Soft and chewy on the inside. That's what we used to call a then-deprecated security model, as many of us thought there should be quite a lot more defense in depth. (we were talking about Windows at the time, of course)

But with the current complexity built right in - in a way we can't leave it out or avoid it, it seems that if "they" can get in at all, they own the world no matter what. I suppose that's a complex way to say "simpler times were simpler". ;~) This just didn't happen on my Z80 (or PDP 8, 11, or in fact, earlier X 86).

My guess is that this CRAP - and that's what it is, rides along on capabilities otherwise required (but not documented) to make the new chips work "at all".

It does make a point that building in things the end owner can't really remove isn't so smart or desirable, especially since it appears mostly to be an attempt at lock in.

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