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"Huawei are not in league with anyone, their kit is just so insecure world+dog could get in wothout too much effort."

Huawei are _far_ from the only company with this issue.

One of the less amusing aspects of all this: If folks recall the big "hacking Huawei kit" presentations about 6 years ago - looking more closely at the switched and routers in question showed the unmistakable syntax of Comware - remembering that Huawei and 3com had a licensing agreement for a while.

Sure enough, checking showed the exact same sets of vulnerabilities that were in the presentation were present in 3Com kit. HOWEVER, they _weren't_ in Huawei's Wind River Linux VRP-cored kit (essentially everything since 2011) but those SAME vulnerabilities started showing up in comware-based HP equipment.

Very much a case of "Huawei's kit is full of holes, and we should know, because we sold the holes to them"

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