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Depends if it's Czech Budweiser sign me up. The Budweiser brewery in Prague is the only one the Czech govt didn't privatise. To stop Anheiser Busch from buying it and ruining it and the reputation of Czech beer. I haven't been round that one but we did tour the Pilsner Urquell facility in Plzen where pilsnser was invented.

They show you the gleaming stainless steel modern brewery then they take you down into the laagering tunnels in the chalk and you round a corner and there's a huge wooden barrel on its side with a tap in it and plastic cups. They brew it the old fashioned way, naturally foamy, 'real ale' and it is the very nectar. You cannot buy it you have to go and do the tour.

Plzen is also famous as it still has the Skoda factory Hitler wanted and which made many of the panzers which were used to start WWII. The old centre has some nice buildings too.

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