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Meh, things change their names all the time for all sorts of reasons. The ECSC became the EEC became the EC became the EU, as its ambitions became more political. The Holy Roman Empire became the Austrian Empire, then the Austro-Hungarian Empire, as nationalism became more important than historical continuity. St Petersburg became Petrograd became Leningrad, then back again, as governments changed their priorities.

"Killer whales" were rebranded as "orca dolphins", which I suspect the real dolphins were none too happy about but wisely refrained from publicly objecting. The successor to the 80486 processor was renamed "Pentium" (from "80586") because Intel had realised it was hard to enforce a trademark on a number. Global warming became climate change, and now I'm beginning to see "global heating" bandied about.

OK, in some of these cases there may have been a taint of ordure about the old name, but in most cases it's about either political fashion or commercial expediency.

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