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Three free beers in Edinbra this Thursday

Brewdog is offering free pints to anyone in Edinburgh who votes in this week's General Election.

The Aberdeenshire-based craft beer chain are returning with their 'Vote Punk 1 vote = 1 pint offer this Thursday.

You'll be able to get a pint of Punk IPA, Punk AF, Nanny State and gluten-free Vagabond Pale Ale at one of three Brewdog pubs in the Capital - Edinburgh Airport, at the Cowgate and on Lothian Road. All you have to do is take a selfie outside of your polling station and show it to Brewdog staff on Thursday, December 12th.

It's obviously an advert, and you are only meant to get one beer, but you don't even need to vote. You can just stand outside three polling stations and take a selfie. If you can master disguises then you could get blitzed for free.

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