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The Motivation For Face Scanning Is (Presumably)...

to recognize wanted criminals, people on a no-fly list, or potential terrorists, but...

recent shootings at U.S. military bases were:

(a) Pearl Harbor Naval Base, Hawaii : a 22 year old disgruntled service member, who killed two contractors and then himself (probably not terrorism)

(b) Pensacola Naval Air Station, Florida : a Saudi pilot in training, at the base for two years, who bought a Glock 9 in a local gun store, and then used it to shoot some sailors at the base, killing three (categorized as terrorist attack)

I don't know what the existing facial scanning may have stopped (because whatever it was didn't happen, and didn't make the news), and same for the "Muslim ban" on flights from certain countries (conveniently not including Saudi Arabia), but for sure neither of those was able to stop the latter terrorist attack, whereas better vetting and monitoring of the Saudi pilot might have.

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