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Yes, rn and its successors such as nn and xrn really set the standard for killfile capabilities. Quick and basic options for non-technical users, full field-specific regexes for technical ones, transient or persistent, human-readable, editable...

But I think that was part of Pascal's point. This is a well-understood problem, and the consequences of failing to deal with it had been demonstrated in more-recent messaging services such as Skype. So both positive and negative examples are amply available to people designing such services.

(Though, frankly, I have to say that while I've never used Keybase, from the description I don't see what it would give me that I'd want. Currently I have two officially supported and recommended messaging / chat services here at work, and neither of them is as good as Usenet plus IRC, for any use case I have. On the other hand, they consume vast amounts of resources.)

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