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Feds slap $5m bounty on 'Evil Corp' Russian duo accused of running ZeuS, Dridex banking trojans

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Re: They must have decided these guys are untouchable

The fact that they've had to _offer_ that kind of bounty even after "Russian authorities have cooperated" pretty much underscores their untouchability. ... Alan Brown

I'm thinking more towards toxic viral value, AB. And rightly so best treated as an UnStabled Asset Able to Prove IT Actions Impossible to Command and Control ...... hence all the Sensitivity being Exercised.

In Virtual Command is Cyber Control where Progress and Improvement is Delivered at Wonderfully Alarming and Disarming Rates ‽ . ;-)

Can you imagine it being a Sensationally Addictive Situation to Driver with a Plethora of Suitable A.N.Others ? :-) And in an earlier time and another place in space, be they lauded and revered as disciples?

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